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The conference is organised by members of the research team “Archaeozoology, archaeobotany: Societies, practices and environments” (CNRS/Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle, We are a group of around twenty researchers, teachers and students (see below) that will do our very best to make you feel welcome in Paris and to create appropriate conditions for rich scientific exchanges in the field of archaeobotany. We are further assisted by administrative personnel from the CNRS and the Muséum as well as by students in bioarchaeology and related fields.

 Organisation Committee


  • Charlène Bouchaud, researcher, CNRS
  • Vladimir Dabrowski, PhD student, Muséum & Université Paris 4
  • Brigitte David, technician, CNRS
  • Alexia Decaix, PhD student, Université Paris 1
  • Marie Derreumaux, researcher, CRAVO
  • Carolyne Douché, PhD student, Université Paris 1
  • Müge Ergun, PhD student, Universités Istanbul & Paris 1
  • Anne-Cécile Haussonne, financial management, CNRS
  • Michel Lemoine, engineer, CNRS
  • Myriam Meziou, responsible communication, LabEx BCDiv
  • Andréa Parès, post-doc
  • Bénédicte Pradat, researcher, INRAP
  • Jérôme Ros, post-doc
  • Marie-Pierre Ruas, director of research, CNRS
  • Aurélie Salavert, lecturer, Muséum
  • Margareta Tengberg, professor, Muséum
  • Françoise Toulemonde, independent researcher
  • Véronique Zech Matterne, researcher, CNRS







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